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“I’m pretty good at writing copy, I think.”

-Every Self-Sabotaging CEO Ever

Is This You?

Most new founders/CEOs have the same dangerous idea when it comes to sales copy and email marketing.


They focus on promoting fancy product features, latest technology, glamour and glitz.


The truly savvy founder/CEO knows copy and email marketing must focus on…


Converting cold leads to paying customers and solidifying new customers into repeat buyers.

CASE STUDY: How I Sold $28K of Info Products to a Cold List in 1 Week

In this how-to report, I’ll show you the exact 3 steps I followed to craft a winning launch email campaign. It’s the process I’ve used before, and it’s the process I’m using for all my current projects.

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Turn $1 into $44.25 with email marketing

(Source:  Direct Marketing Association)

Eric Finnigan is a digital marketing consultant and copywriter who specializes in helping businesses with $8,000-$80,000 in monthly revenue connect to paying customers.


Other digital marketing consultants focus on setting up complicated, multi-step sales funnels that often fall flat.


Eric’s company focuses on driving sales by leveraging existing assets, like email lists, LinkedIn groups, and Facebook tribes.

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Eric Finnigan

Here’s what some of our clients are saying

Your product launch CTRs outperformed our other tests by 300-500%. The first week, the launch exceeded prior launches by ~4x.

-Jules Schroeder, Product Launch Consultant,
Serial Entrepreneur, Founder

The benefit-oriented USP you worked on is converting LinkedIn leads into sales calls, about 1-2 a day.

- Jamil Velji, CEO & Growth Marketing Expert
at Easy Automated Sales

Here’s what I can do

B2B cold email

Book tons of demos and strategy sessions.


Nurture subscribers into ready-to-buy customers.


Raise the lifetime value of your customers.

Product Launch Sequences

Launch days like Mardis Gras.






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Daily “Seinfeld” emails

Engage and entertain.






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